Assessment of Contamination through ATP/Swab Technology

This is the most critical stage of our process that gives us intelligence about the present level of contamination in the facility and the level of treatment required. In ATP Testing, we use bioluminescence meter to read the presence of Adenosine Tri Phosphate on a surface. Adenosine Tri Phosphate is also known as a global energy and found in all microbial cells. If ATP meter detects presence of Adenosine Tri Phosphate on the tested surface then it’s an indication of surface contamination and Higher is the reading greater is the threat. For sampling, we choose all high touch surfaces like seats, door knobs, lift buttons, hand rail, etc. to know the risk level.

Applying Antimicrobial Protection Barrier in the entire surfaces of selected locations

Antimicrobial Protection Barrier is applied to provide a bonded, long term-antimicrobial protective barrier everywhere in the facility through electrostatic spray machines that is safe to spray the antimicrobial chemicals on high end electronic gadgets and expensive leather or other fabric surfaces. It also ensures that every surface is evenly and fairly coated from all sides.


Periodic Assessment of Contamination for the Treated Facility

For our clients we conduct periodic assessment and assess all high touch surface areas to ensure that there is no microbial growth in the treated facility. We use the same technology for assessment as mentioned in the STEP 1. In case reading is found to be higher the acceptable limit during any of the periodic assessment under the warranty period, Antimicrobial Protection Barrier is reapplied without any commercial obligations.

Contamination Level (RLU)

  • Considered Food Safe 0 - 30
  • Considered Clean 31 - 200
  • Contaminated 201 - 500
  • High Risk of Infection 501 - 1000
  • Extreme Risk of Infection 1001+