• 1. How does Antimicrobial Protection Barrier work?

    One end of the molecule creates a strong bond with a multitude of surfaces forming a highly durable protective coating. The other end of the molecule creates a microscopic bed of spikes of carbon molecule. The cell membrane of bacteria and viruses are negatively charged while the treated surface now carries a positive charge, microbes are therefore attracted towards the surface through a difference in charge. The molecule’s long chain of microscopic bed of spikes then physically ruptures the cell walls of the microbes and then electrocutes them further ensuring a complete kill. Because of its permanent bond, the treated surface is protected and can keep working again and again, month after month.

  • 2. How do I know it is effective?

    It is an outstanding disinfectant and in simple words, it forms an optically clear & protective shield that has been proven to be effective against any droplet-based viruses. We also provide a testing service using ATP swab technique which is a globally used tool to measure the contamination level on a surface.

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